A spiritual advisor, spiritual companion, or spiritual guide, is
“a psychologist for the soul”.

Singh-Molares, Executive Director of SDI

About Lorraine

Lorraine’s therapeutic experience is vast and ranges from inpatient psychiatric care to the Department of Homeland Security, to supporting survivors of violence and victimization, to personal and financial coaching, to her passion, working with individuals and couples on their spiritual journey in her private practice.

Training & Experience

  • PhD in Philosophy, Westbrook University
  • Certificate in Spiritual Companionship, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
  • Unity Church Of Christianity Developed their first Prayer Chaplain Ministry, Reverend Lei Lanni Burt
  • Certified Reiki Master, Usui Method of Natural Healing
  • Accredited Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT, Tapping)
  • Spiritual Companion, in-person, via Skype and telephone
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation
  • Certified Grief Professional
  • Enneagram Certified Practitioner

Lorraine is a writer and co-author of:

“Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,”

“Concrete Jungle: Survival Skills for the Real World.”

“Life on Your Terms: The Support You Need to Follow Your Passion”

“Becoming a Wealthy Woman: 101 Articles to Inspire, Motivate, & Empower You to Take Charge of Your Money and Live your Best Life”

“Careers from the Kitchen Table”

And soon to be released “Seasons: Bloom Where You Are Planted”

“The outward work will never be puny if the inward work is great.”



I have integrated spirituality and religion into my work for the past 30 plus years, however I called myself a closet spiritual counselor because my profession at the time discouraged me from using spirituality as part of my practice.

Then a gift that gave me clarity came during COVID. Yes, COVID has been devastating and there has been gifts along the way… my decision to come out of the spiritual closet began with COVID.

I began a prayer group for myself as well as for others. I felt a strong need to connect with prayer because I wanted to help people during this horrific time. We prayed together for nine months daily. It was powerfully transforming for all the group members in ways I don’t even know because each of us have taken different paths since then.
It was clear to me however, that I was to continue to provide spiritual support.

As it happens for me things fall into place as I looked for programs and support groups. Each step unfolded in Divine Order and as it did more and more of the clients that I was serving began to open up about their spiritual challenges. Some felt betrayed by God, some felt like they had lost their faith completely and others were looking for a new way to understand spirituality as well as what was happening to our world.

And so my Spiritual Companion practice emerged and continues to grow.