Our deepest desire is for connection.

As your Spiritual Companion it is my honor to listen deeply to your sacred stories, to help those that are thirsty for Divine connection, and to support those that have lost their faith or have no faith base at all but are seeking spiritual growth and healing.


  • You are seeking a deeper relationship with the Divine, or a deeper spiritual path
  • You are at a point in your life where you want clarity of purpose
  • You have lost hope or faith in something greater in your life
  • You want more joy and peace of mind
  • You question why so many hurtful and harmful things are happening in the world
  • You are at a transitional point in your life (vocational discernment, transitioning from college to the real world, a midlife crisis, retirement and empty nesting, or other life changes)
  • You have become spiritually complacent
  • You are experiencing a dark night of the soul time.

This says you are ready for a Spiritual Companion to walk with you, to listen to you and to be your guide.

What you can expect:

    • A safe and sacred space to reflect
    • Listening with love and from the heart
    • A companion to walk through the darkness or shadow that can be frightening
    • Encouragement and understanding
    • Develop wisdom discernment and good judgment
    • Grow a deeper spiritual life
    • Deepen your awareness of God’s presence in your journey
    • Share grief, losses and pain
    • Be clear about your gifts, talents and abilities
    • Celebrate your joys and your life