Spiritual Companionship is a journey within.

A deep dive into self and aspects we have avoided forgotten and do not know about.

It is a Soul Journey. A time to reflect.


An oasis where you can come sit, relax, unwind and breathe…. get centered, and ask yourself what do I need right at this moment. Reflect on the quote and give yourself permission to just BE! Just for this moment. No need to do anything.

Need Prayer?

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Otherwise just enjoy!!!

Turn Your Worries Into Prayers

12 + 7 =

I invite you to take three deep breaths and allow the breath to relax you. Settle in. Listen with or without your earbuds or headset. Watch and reflect on this moment. There is nothing to do.

We are all one, swimming in this ocean called life. Allow the magnificence of God, the Divine, All that is to be with you now. Allow the flow to wash away all stress, anxiety, fears and doubts, just for these few moments. God is with you. Love is with you. You are safe now.

I invite you to breathe in deeply. All is well in the field of life. See how the sun kisses the flowers and the flowers take in the gift of the sun. Allow this gift of light and sun to be with you now. Breathe it into to every fiber of your being. See and feel the healing power of light in your body now. Be free as each flower is free to BE!